Noticias más recientes del grupo

En Nigel Wright Group consideramos de valiosa importancia nuestro posicionamiento como foco externo dentro del mercado, por ello uno de nuestros objetivos es que toda nuestra red de contactos tenga acceso a aquellas noticias relevantes del sector. En esta sección podrás encontrar las noticias actualizadas sobre el Grupo y el mercado, así podrás tener acceso a las tendencias además de nuestros estudios; nuevas estrategias de selección, encuesta salarial y tendencias del mercado.

Nuestro conocimiento del sector y la especialización en el sector Gran Consumo, nos mantiene al margen de la competencia.

Consumer Conversations


Get together. Get talking. We’re trying something new for May. We hope you will get involved and enjoy our idea. If it’s a success, we’ll keep doing it and help you expand your network in different ways. If it’s not, we’ll just try something else...

Great Ideas for Building Your Employer Brand


Work – the thing we spend much of our time doing – is having a bad time of it these days. As research suggests a growing disillusionment with jobs as well as employers is emerging. But what’s gone wrong? Why has the nature of work become such a co...

Sabbatical allows recruiter to pursue her passions overseas


Since childhood, Nigel Wright Consultant Carina Hultgren wanted to travel, or more precisely, she wanted to experience a world different to the one she lived – “The further away culturally from Norway and Europe the better.” Early investigations o...

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Spanish Consumer Sector Salary Report 2018

This report provides insight into the salaries, benefits and bonuses received by professionals in the Spanish consumer sector in 2018.

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